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Are you looking for a renovation services company to decorate your home or office?We Also provide customized home furnishings, kitchen cabinets, cabinets, etc. Congratulations! You have found your right partner here! 
您是否正在尋找一個裝修服務公司來裝飾您的家或辦公室? 我們也有提供訂造家居傢俬廚櫃組合櫃等等......,  恭喜 !你在這裡找到了正確的合作夥伴! 

Hosanna Interior Decoration & Maintenance Co. is a professional local company in Hong Kong to provide the most trusted and comprehensive interior renovation or remodeling services or customized furniture for your home, apartment, office, shop, workplace, plant or public site.

Home remodeling, bathroom and kitchen design, office interior design in HK



Your renovation project is more likely as your property or asset re-positioning project.


Even some minor renovations such as lighting installation, painting or cabinetry customizing can bring a notable difference of your property, improve the appeal and marketability of the property, increasing the occupancy rates as well as adding long-term and optimizing value of your property. Our skilled team of dedicated professionals will make your vision into reality. We will follow the innovative industry best practices, offer competitive pricing and a clear communication strategy.

即使是一些小型裝修,如照明裝置,繪畫或櫥櫃定制也會帶來您的財產的顯著差異,提高財產的吸引力和可銷售性,增加佔用率以及增加您的財產的長期和優化價值。 我們熟練的專業專業人士將使您的願景成為現實。 我們將遵循創新的行業最佳實踐,提供有競爭力的定價和明確的溝通策略。

We have successfully renovated over thousand multifamily and commercial projects in the past years. We employ highly-skilled craftsmen. Your property will be in the hands of a trustworthy professional.

我們在過去幾年中成功地翻新了一千多家多型和商業項目。 我們採用了熟練的工匠。 您的財產將在一個值得信賴的專業人士手中。


We can start your renovation project from concept drawings and then provide construction drawing and documents to confirm. Ensure entire process will be executed as planned, completed on schedule and to your most satisfaction.

我們可以從概念圖紙開始翻新項目,然後提供施工繪圖和文件確認。 確保整個過程將按計劃執行,按計劃完成並滿足您最滿意。


We will oversee and facilitate all day-to-day tasks.

All processes will be maintaining completely transparent. Timely and regularly updated will be provided by photos and videos or site visiting to examine the renovation progress by clients.

我們將監督並促進所有日常任務。 所有流程都將保持完全透明。


After-sales services will be provided to meet your most satisfaction.


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