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Advance planning is crucial to any renovation project. Electrical works, wiring systems and plumbing are the most important part of it. Any improper installation may result serious damage such as house fires, water flood or re-do the new fit-out decoration. They are usually not visible after fixed inside the walls and difficult to find out the problem until after certain period of time. 


For electrical system, telecommunication wiring and plumbing routing are required for careful consideration. Apart from lighting, aesthetic, structural and other of your functional requirements, our team of professional electricians will manage the intensive electrical works for you. Determine the specific electrical needs for the projects that the wiring system will meet the building codes and government laws.


Feel free to let us know your idea of your renovation project. Our specialists will give you holistic consideration, advice of structural characteristics and restrictions, and free quotation. We will also provide free design and consultant fee if you need.


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Hosanna Interior Decoration & Maintenance Co.
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